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Outdoorsman's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Now is the time to fulfill those holiday wish lists! Year-round, you’ll find everything the outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen in your life need. Whether it’s needed supplies or a great surprise, compare and save with Agri Supply.

Find spectacular gift ideas for

  • Camping
  • Fishing and hunting
  • Outdoor cookware
  • Truck accessories

… and so much more!

Outdoor sporting goods
The key element to a fun outdoor adventure is — the adventure! That could mean a season of successful hunting. Or maybe it’s a fall weekend in a zero-gravity chair, chilling at the campsite. From rustic to upgrades, shop to match your outdoor sporting goods gifts right.

Hunting gear
A key trend to watch this hunting season: Upgrades. Hunters come to depend on brands and products that see them through, season to season. They won’t miss a beat when you replace hunting gear that has served its purpose.

It’s a great time to add to the armory of hunting supplies. Check out these stellar choices:

Get your hunter off the ground and out of the deer’s line of sight with a quality deer stand . A bird’s-eye perspective and reducing your scent are key factors in a successful season. Shop hang-on seats, replacement seats, climber stands, and more.

Winter with man’s best friend is one of the best things in life. Ensure your transport is safe and comfortable with a quality aluminum dog box.

Data is a natural part of improving your hunting results. What better way to gather it than with scouting and trail cameras? Learn all you can about the game that traverses your property. Stock up on surveillance signs, cameras, SD cards, and more.

Huntsmen know when the fun of the hunt is over, the work’s just getting started. Give meat processing equipment to take the experience to new heights. Find meat tenderizers, collagen casings, slicers, and strainers for a delicious harvest.

Camping gear
Have you ever heard an outdoorsman declare he doesn’t need more gear? Camping gear takes a lot of wear and tear, and backups are always welcome. We carry all you need to elevate that camping-loving experience for loved ones on your gift list.

Choosing the best home away from home isn’t always easy. But there are so many possibilities to hit a home run with this one. Occupancy is a big factor — how many people will sleep in the tent, and what season will you use it? Shop our array of tent types, plus supplies such as stakes, mallets, pop-ups, and more.

Little can derail a magical trip like poor sleeping. No matter the conditions, our line of sleeping bags gives you options for the best rest. Choose sleeping bags, cots, mats, pads, and waterproofing agents for your adventurer.

There’s something special about a meal on the site, cooked in the great outdoors. An aluminum mess kit provides options for a stellar breakfast or royal feast after a big day.

Truck Gear
The badder the truck, the better. Truck enthusiasts love accessories that make their babies the baddest. Whether it’s for show or function — or both — you’re sure to light up someone’s life with the right truck gear this holiday. Some ideas:

The beauty of a truck is the freedom it allows. You still need a little structure, though, and that’s where quality toolboxes come in. For gear, equipment, and everything else, choose strong boxes to up your truck lover’s game.

Truck owners also get called on to help out in so many ways. A truck outfitted with hitches, tow straps, winches , and more is a hero in waiting.

Apparel and boots
Trucks and tents are great to stock up for. But don’t forget the clothing that’ll keep up with your outdoorsmen all season. Staying warm and comfortable is the name of the game, regardless of your adventure. A strong trend for 2021: a new pair of waders or boots, such as Xtra-Tuff, Georgia Boot, Muck Boots, and more. You can’t go wrong with that! Take a look at warm selections for baseball and watch caps, visors, gloves, and more.

Outdoor furniture and fire pits
Chilly weather doesn’t mean you hunker down for the winter. Conditions are ideal for fun when you have furniture and fire components to keep things cozy. Here’s how:

Year-round cooking is a matter of getting things done. Fall is barbecue season in the south. And coast to coast, outdoor chefs dish out delicious fare through the winter. Put your outdoor cook in another stratosphere. Choose from barbecue cookers, Kamado grills, pull-behind pig cookers, and the like.

Cast-iron cookery from Carolina Cooker® answers the call all winter. It also retains lifetime value. These classic enamel pieces start as stellar gifts and end up as coveted heirlooms.

Start your offseason revamp with outdoor furniture likely wished for months by now. Hammocks, umbrellas, and folding tables transform deck space into a favorite room. Weatherproof pieces are perfect for lazy weekends with friends. Under the blue sky or a starry night.

Long before zero-gravity chairs and propane cookers, there was fire. And a human obsession with it. We might not rely on it for sustenance as we once did. But keeping conditions cozy with a fire pit seems to fit the holiday season perfectly. Keep flames stoked with fire rings, stovepipes, collapsible pits, and more.

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