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Pennington Grass, Seed Tri-Fescue Tall Fescue, 50 lb. Bag

Tri-Fescue tall fescue grass seed is blended with three seeds to provide a lush color of dense, green growth. It is formulated to tolerate drought and disease. This lawn seed is adaptable and quickly establishes with deep roots.
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Product Overview

Pennington Seed Tri Fescue tall fescue grass seed blend is a low maintenance seed that grows a dark, lush green. This lawn seed blend grows a deep root and resists heat, drought, and disease. It is quick to germinate and establish, and provides a deep color and strong growth.

This tall fescue seed blend comes in a 50 lb. bag and performs best in shady areas or mid to northern USA. This grass fights against drought and covers high traffic areas with its dense growth.

  • Pennington Seed Tri Fescue
  • Tall fescue 3 seed blend
  • 50 lb. bag
  • Best for shady areas and mid to upper USA
  • 33.71% Rebel advance tall fescue
  • 33.55% Brockton tall fescue
  • 32.42% Greystone II tall fescue
  • 0.01% Other crop seed
  • 0.31% Inert matter
  • 0% Weed seed
  • No noxious weed
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