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Pipe and Supplies

Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Pipe and Supplies along with our huge variety of agriculture, gardening, cooking and outdoor products. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business, and has been for over 50 years.

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4 In. Perforated Drain Pipe, Perforated, Black Sock, 100 Ft. Long
image 4 In. Perforated Drain Pipe, Black Sock, 100 Ft. Long
Item # 36892
$159.99 RL
In stores only
2 Pvc Schedule 40
image 2" x 20' SCH 40 Belled End PVC Pipe
Item # 10951
$4.49 FT
In stores only
6 In. Perforated Drain Pipe, Black Sock, 100 Ft Long
image 6 In. Perforated Drain Pipe, Black Sock, 100 Ft Long
Item # 11006
$399.99 RL
In stores only
30 N-12 Prolink Ultra Bell-Spigot Storm Water Pipe
image 30" Prolink Ultra Corrugated Drain Pipe - Bell and Spigot
Item # 36684
$999.99 PC
In stores only
12 x 20 Drain Pipe
image 12" x 20' Drain Pipe
Item # 11001
$234.99 PC
In stores only
8 x 20 Solid Pipe
image 8" x 20' Solid Pipe
Item # 10996
$109.99 PC
In stores only
4 In. Perforated Drain Pipe, Black Sock, 250 Ft. Long
image 4" x 250' Perforated Drain Pipe, Black Sock
Item # 11005
The average rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars
$369.99 RL
In stores only
Contech® 18 x 20 Corrugated Metalpipe Rolled
image Contech® 18' x 20' Corrugated Metalpipe Rolled
Item # 29847
$719.99 PC
In stores only
8 x 20 Perf Pipe
image 8" x 20' Perforated Drain Pipe
Item # 10991
$154.99 PC
In stores only
Dia Solid Sewer Drain
image 6" Dia. Sewer Drain
Item # 10967
$16.99 FT
In stores only
3/4 Pipe 200 Pvc
image 3/4" x 20 ' SDR 21 Belled End PVC Pipe 200 PSI
Item # 10960
$1.99 FT
In stores only
Pvc Pipe Cutter
image Ratcheting PVC Pipe Cutter
Item # 27091
$9.49 EA
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Copper pipes are sold at Agri Supply by the foot, with a price reduction for purchases of 50 feet or more. Unlike copper tubing, poly pipes tend to be sold in large coils up to 400 feet at a time. Get pipe cutters from Agri Supply at the same time rather than making a separate run to hardware stores. Add in our pipe couplings selections, and we have everything you need for the job and a whole lot more as part of the more than 26,000 items we carry for farm, shop, home, and garden.

Copper pipes are just the start of our selection; we have valve boxes, grates and washing machine hoses to name a few. Pick up copper tubing, and while you're at it get some stuff for those other jobs.

Copper pipes from Agri Supply are sold by the foot in sizes from ¼ inch to 5/8 inch, and the price is less when you buy 50 feet or more. In addition to copper tubing, we have dozens of types and sizes of pipe couplings in our plumbing supply store section. We also have poly pipes for drains and leach beds in different sizes and lengths up to 400 feet in a roll. Our pipe cutters will make that installation job easier, with tubing cutters for poly, plastic and casting steel in different mechanical strengths.

Copper pipes are the preferred pipes for residential water systems, especially hot water. Copper tubing is corrosion resistant even at the higher temperatures in a hot water line, and it is easy to work with. For other jobs, poly pipes might be your choice, and in addition to different styles of pipe, we also have pipe couplings, drain ends, and tees to make that system work. Get the right pipe cutters for the material you are working with, and you'll get a cleaner cut, and it will be easier than using a saw or knife.