HYPRO® 7700N Ni-Resist Nickel Roller Water Pump


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The Hypro 7700N Roller Water Pump features a nickel housing and body to hold up to harsh chemicals and fertilizer. This hydraulic pump is designed for agricultural and farming applications, as well as a residential and commercial applications. This economical, self-priming pump can pump water up to 200 PSI. With a maximum flow rate of 22.1 GPM, these pumps are suitable for all of your water pump needs.

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The HYPRO® 7700N roller water pump features nickel housing that can handle the tough agricultural demands of fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. The Ni-Resist pump body is specifically designed for agricultural, residential, and commercial uses, and it is a popular choice for farmers. This roller pump is excellent for transferring many fluids, including water, herbicides, insecticides, solvents, emulsives, and liquid fertilizers.

The Ni-Resist Hypro hydraulic pump features a nickel body and side ports that can handle tough chemicals. It also features a 15/16" solid shaft with standard counter clockwise rotation. Its rotary design is reliable; the HYPRO® 7700N has no check valves, and it has less friction and a lower starting torque than other water pumps. It also has a much longer wear life than the case iron series of hydraulic pumps.

The HYPRO® 7700N roller water pump has a simple operation: the pump shaft is moved by the PTO or engine. The fluid enters the unit at a constant speed, then the rotor and shaft assembly will turn. This causes the rollers to eject the fluid through the pump housing and nozzle. The HYPRO® 7700N nickel body roller pump has a maximum pressure of 200 PSI, and can continuously operate at 100 PSI. Its flow rate is 14.2 GPM at 540 RPM, or it has a maximum flow rate of 22.1 GPM at 800 RPM. The fluid temperature can reach a maximum of 140 degrees.

This hydraulic pump comes equipped with a 3/4" NPT female that has Super Rollers and Viton shaft seals. It also includes a 1" hose barb. This unit does not come with a quick coupler, but other couplers are sold separately. For 540 RPM, purchase # 25131; for 1000 RPM, purchase # 25132. Pump parts and repair kits are available for the HYPRO® 7700 series water pump.


  • HYPRO® 7700N Roller Water Pump
  • 7 roller pump water
  • Ni-Resist Nickel housing
  • 15/16 inch solid shaft
  • Maximum flow rate 22.1 GPM
  • Maximum pressure 200 psi
  • Maximum speed is 800 RPM
  • Maximum temperature is 140 degrees
  • 3/4 inch NPT inlet & outlet 1" hose barb included
  • Continuous operation 100 psi
  • Intermittent operation 200 psi
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Couplers are sold separately. For 540 RPM, purchase coupler #25131; for 1000 RPM, purchase coupler #25132

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