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Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Screwhooks along with our huge variety of agriculture, gardening, cooking and outdoor products. We stand behind all 26,000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business, and has been for over 50 years.

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Round Bend Screw Hook
image Hindley 40470 Round Bend Screw Hook 0 GAUGE
Item # 19328
$1.49 EA
Round Bend Screw Hook Ga
image Hindley 40472 Round Bend Screw Hook 2 Gauge
Item # 19329
$0.99 EA
Round Bend Screw Hook Ga Bag
image Hindley 40480 Round Bend Screw Hook 10 Gauge (2/Bag)
Item # 19330
$0.69 BG
Round Bend Screw Hook Ga Bag
image Hindley 40478 Round Bend Screw Hook 8 Gauge (2/Bag)
Item # 19331
$0.79 BG
Round Bend Screw Hook Ga Bag
image Hindley 40482 Round Bend Screw Hook 12 Gauge (2/Bag)
Item # 19332
$0.59 BG
Round Bend Screw Hook Ga Bag
image Hindley 10484 Round Bend Screw Hook 14 Gauge (2/Bag)
Item # 19334
$0.59 BG
Round Bend Screw Hook Ga Bag
image Hindley 40573 Round Bend Screw Hook 3 Gauge (2/Bag)
Item # 19336
$1.99 BG
Round Bend Screw Hook Ga Bag
image Hindley 40574 Round Bend Screw Hook 4 Gauge (2/Bag)
Item # 19337
$1.49 BG
square bend hook
image #112, 1-3/8" Square Bend Hooks (10 pack)
Item # 81003
$4.88 EA
ceiling hook
image #10, 2 1/16" Zinc Plated Ceiling Hooks 6 Pack
Item # 81007
$1.88 EA
ceiling hook
image #6, 3-3/8" Ceiling Hooks (3 pack)
Item # 81008
$1.88 EA
ceiling hook
image #8, 2-9/16" Ceiling Hooks (3 pack)
Item # 81010
$1.88 EA

Round bend screw hooks from Agri Supply come in more than a half-dozen different gauges. Our hook hardware includes ceiling hooks that are zinc plated to make them resistant to corrosion in all kinds of environments. Our square bend screw hooks are zinc plated as well, creating sturdy and long lasting hook fasteners. Our screw in hooks come two to a bag so you can purchase a matching pair or a dozen matching pairs.

Screw hooks have a variety of possible uses. Make sure you have hook hardware for every contingency.

Find screw hooks at Agri Supply in different sizes and styles for whatever home improvement or work job you have. Hook hardware can be used for everything from hanging a houseplant to running a line to storage hooks. Square bend screw hooks give you different options than round bend hooks for how you secure items. Screw in hooks are easy to use, because I screw hooks can be twisted in by hand or twisted into a pilot hole for tougher materials.

We have round bend screw hooks in gauges ranging from 2 to 14 so you can get as sturdy a screw as the job calls for. Hook hardware is just one of the ways we bring you more than 26,000 items for farm, shop, home and garden. Our screw in hooks include square bend hooks as well as ceiling hooks, so you can find the hook fasteners that will best fit the job. Square bend screw hooks are going to be better for some jobs than round bend screw hooks.