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Southern Scrape Master Scent Beads

Are you looking for beads to put into your scrape? These Southern Scrape Master Beads are the size of #4 shot and are used to absorb urine. Last up to 2 weeks in the spring and are non-toxic, earth friendly and biodegradable.
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Product Overview
  • Black Widow brand
  • Model number: S0472
  • Southern Scrape Master Scent Beads
  • 2 oz.
  • To use in scrapes
  • Formulated to break into small partials when deer step on them to be crushed down into the soil
  • Slowly releases scent over time and will last for weeks
  • 50/50 blend of doe estrus and dominant buck urine
  • As other deer in the area visit the scrape their urine will be absorbed by the beads, making them puff back up (like a recharge)
  • Beads help keep the scrape constantly producing scent
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