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Disc Harrow Bearing 1" Square Bore, ST208-1N

Disc harrow bearing ST208-1N, with a 1-inch square bearing bore, is constructed with high quality ball bearings, heavy gauge housings and molded rubber inner seal for durability and long life. These disc harrow bearings are strong enough to protect your disc harrow from both moisture and dirt. Whether used for loosening soil clumps in packed earth, chopping up old crops such as corn, or just using to make future crops easier to plow by eliminating clumps, the disc harrow bearing ST208-1N will keep your disc harrow running efficiently.
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Product Overview

Disc Harrow Bearing ST208-1N has a 1-inch square bearing bore and 4 bolt holes. This bearing is lubricated and sealed with molded rubber inner seal and has a flexible composite retainer. The two flanged heavy gauge housing plates are stamped together with 8 rivets. These square bore disc harrow bearings are manufactured to reject both moisture and dirt adding longer life to your disc harrow. Whether used for agriculture or industrial use, these disc harrow bearings are constructed to hold up under the harshest conditions.


  • ST208-1N
  • 1 in. square bearing bore
  • Bolt size: 1/2 in.
  • 4 bolt holes: 0.531 in.
  • Bolt pattern, bottom left to top right, bolt to bolt 4.69 in.
  • Overall length 4.750 in.
  • 8 rivets connect 2 flange housing plates
  • Lubricated and sealed bearings
  • Molded rubber integrated inner seal
  • Flexible composite retainer
  • Fits Modern, Monroe Tuffline, King Kutter, Howse, IHC
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