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Stew Pots

Agri Supply stocks a wide variety of high quality cast iron stew pots ranging from 4 to 90 gallons. We have the stew pots for your home, church, or clubs every cooking need. These stew pots are perfect for slow cooking, boiling or frying a variety of foods. You can cook the best soups, jambalaya, gumbos, etoufee, fish, chilis, stews, gumbo, chowder and chili or boil shrimp, crawfish or crabs.

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Lifting Hooks for Carolina Cooker®, 2 Pc.
image Lifting Hooks for Carolina Cooker®, 2 Pc.
$18.99 PR
Carolina Cooker Outdoor Cooking Tripod, 48 In.
image Carolina Cooker® Outdoor Cooking Tripod, 48 In.
$28.99 EA
Aluminum Spoon Skimmer
image Aluminum Spoon Skimmer
$16.99 EA
Deep Fryer Skimmer, 36 In.
image Deep Fryer Skimmer, 36 In.
$20.99 EA
Bayou Spoon, Stainless Steel
image Bayou Spoon, Stainless Steel
$40.99 EA
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Agri Supply carries wash pots that range from a small 4 gallons to 90 gallons. Our stew pots are sturdy and rest on three legs or a tripod. We have cast iron wash pots that will develop their own seasoning after years of cooking. These cast iron stew pots are extremely durable and can be passed down through many generations.

Wash pots are essential camping cookware items for both cleaning and cooking. Our stew pots are sturdy and well-made outdoor cookware pieces. Keep camp clean with cast iron wash pots from our store and wash all of your cooking accessories. Use our cast iron stew pots and create a meal that the campers are sure to enjoy.

You can find wash pots and other outdoor cookware at Agri Supply. If you want stew pots, we have a number of options within our camping cookware section.

For wash pots and other outdoor cookware, Agri Supply carries an impressive inventory. Our stew pots are well made and have useful designs. The cast iron wash pots in our inventory come with a three-post stand for superior stability. These cast iron stew pots are ideal for cooking for a large group, and our stainless steel bayou spoon makes serving food easier than ever. This camping cookware offers cooking accessories for those who enjoy cooking outdoors.

We have wash pots that come in a variety of sizes. Some of our stew pots can be found in small sizes like our four-gallon pot. Some cast iron wash pots can be found with up to a 90-gallon capacity. As you can see, cast iron stew pots come in many different capacities. And, our camping cookware and outdoor cookware are backed with our one-year guarantee.

Wash pots and stew pots come in handy when camping. Consider using our stew pots for all of your camp side cooking. Then, use cast iron wash pots for cleaning all of your camping cookware. Our cast iron stew pots will eventually build a nice patina inside that will give your camp food a distinct and delicious flavor. Try our camping cookware and cooking accessories for an enjoyable outdoor cooking experience.

We carry wash pots as well as several outdoor cooking accessories that make cooking outdoors easier. When using our stew pots for stews and soups, try stirring with our wooden stir paddle. Wash up everything with our cast iron wash pots. Cook with our cast iron stew pots, and use various skimmers to prepare your meal. These camping cookware and accessories are made to last and made to make cooking outdoors a better experience.