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Sump Pumps and Parts

Remove unwanted accumulated water with Agri Supply’s large variety of Sump Pumps & parts. Designed for industrial, commercial, or home use our pumps can be applied to any water transfer job. With a stainless steel motor shaft, these sump pumps can handle continuous use. Rely on Agri Supply’s products for your water recirculating or transferring needs.

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Submersible Pump
Item # 20563
$104.99 EA
Submersible Pump For Parts Washers
Item # 29067
$204.99 EA
Submersible Sump Pump
image Submersible Sump Pump
Item # 20567
$234.99 EA
Hp Sewage Pump Hog Houses
image Little Giant® 514620 Sewage Pump for Hog Houses and Lagoons
Item # 34736
$1,389.99 EA
Sump Pump Cai
Item # 20564
$249.99 EA
1/6 HP Submersible Utility Pump
image 1/6 HP Submersible Utility Pump
Item # 20570
$184.99 EA
Pool Pump Kit Submersible Pump
image Little Giant® Pool Cover Pump Kit
Item # 20566
$159.99 EA
Pony Pump® Series Replacement Buna-N w/Brass Insert Impeller
image Little Giant® Pony Pump® Series Replacement Buna-N w/Brass Insert Impeller
Item # 20572
$28.99 EA
Pony Pump® Series Potent Utility Pump Set
image Little Giant® Pony Pump® Series Model 365 12 Volt Pump
Item # 20573
$204.99 EA
Small Submersible Pump
image Little Giant® 1 Series Oil-filled Direct Drive Submersible Pump
Item # 20575
$134.99 EA

Sump pump models from Agri Supply include such features as easy-access handles for complete portability and bottom suction designs to remove water to within 1/8-inch of the surface. We have sewer pumps that conveniently connect to standard garden hoses that you can find at hardware stores everywhere (or from Agri Supply) and can move hundreds of gallons an hour. Our submersible sump pumps are made from components designed to make the pumps durable and long lasting. Our sump pump parts to keep everything running are just another part of the more than 26,000 items we carry for farm, shop, home, and garden.

Sump pumps with only 1/6 horsepower can move more than 1500 gallons an hour. Sewer pumps include a range of sizes for intake and discharge nozzles.

Sump pumps in a range of powers from Agri Supply stand ready to keep your basement safe from encroaching waters. Our sewer pumps include pumps designed to move sewage and effluent such as for hog houses or other barnyard needs. Our submersible sump pumps are built tough, with reinforced thermoplastic volute that will not rust or corrode, heavy duty motors that are thermally protected and reinforced poly-carbonate designed for long life. We have sump pump parts too, such as impellers and pump kits.

Our line of sump pumps in the plumbing supply store section includes utility pumps that are great for pumping water off swimming pool covers. We have sewer pumps that operate submersed or in-line with epoxy-coated aluminum housings and snap-off intake screens for easy cleaning. Submersible sump pumps come with a range of cord lengths, up to 20 feet. Important sump pump parts also include handy replaceable tethered float switches for auto operation.