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Time to take inventory of your farm-shop needs

It's a time-consuming yet necessary task - prepping your farm and equipment for the winter so that you're ready to roll in the spring. Here's a guide to the most efficient farm-shop cleanup, from your friends at Agri Supply. (Also, consult your equipment's owner's manual.)

  1. Keep up with your equipment's health
    You'll need a strong battery and good cables in place, plus sound battery management. Disconnect battery cables for periods of dormancy. A connected battery not in use for a while can kill it. Keep a battery charger on hand just in case. In other equipment, test your antifreeze with this to ensure effectiveness for the season.

    All should go in a dry place for storage, unplugged. It's a perfect time to clean connections and lubricate terminals as well.

  2. Replenish tractor toolboxes
    In the course of a season, you might lose a core tool or two along the way. Now's the time to fix that. Take stock of the tractor toolbox you have now. Is it the right size? These boxes are stellar and come at a good price. At the very least, clean out your box and dispose of tools that can no longer do the job they're made for.

  3. Make the needed repairs
    Has your equipment taken on some wear and tear? Fix it now, so you won't have to worry about it when you start work again in the spring. You'll need the right tools for that job - check out our full selection of hand and power tools.

    Basic winter maintenance can include:

    • Hydraulic fluid. Engine parts will last longer if this is maintained.
    • Lights. Check for functionality and consider an upgrade if warranted.
    • Oil. Stay on your maintenance schedule.
    • Paint. There's nothing wrong with looking sharp for spring!
    • Tires. Check for wear. Always park for winter on concrete or wood, never the ground.
    • Tractor seats. Comfort is a big factor in your work. Make sure you love your seat.
  4. Store It
    Don't expose equipment to weather conditions unnecessarily. Cover electronic systems and wiring you can't store in a barn or shed with a water-resistant tarp. Use toolboxes to get organized as well.

  5. Prepare winter farm equipment
    Important checklist: Got your generator? How about your shop heaters? Keep all equipment paperwork in a safe, dry place, such as a manual canister, right on your tractor. Check fuel levels, recharge, and be prepared for snow.

  6. Stay warm while working
    There's plenty to do this winter! Make yourself comfortable with a space heater to help you get the job done right. There are a variety of different space heaters that will be a toasty addition to your work environment.

Ready to get to work?
On the farm, there isn't much time off. However, with planning and an efficient approach, you can buy yourself some downtime - and set yourself up beautifully to start the spring off right. As you prep for winter months, turn to your friends at Agri Supply to help with all your cleaning, sharpening, upgrading, and storage needs.

Head to your neighborhood Agri Supply location or visit us online.

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