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Tomato Cage Angel

Creating A Tomato Cage Angel

Tomato Cage Angel

(Step 1) On the first cage, clip the top front vertical wire piece above the first circle.

(Step 2) On the 2nd cage clip all 4 wires above and below the top circle. Make sure the circle stays in tact.

(Step 3) Use 2 of the extra wire pieces already cut from the second cage. Attach them to the top of the first age wires with wire splicing sleeves. Then start bending to form wings.

(Step 4) Attach the bottom of the wire for the wings by bending and wrapping around the tomato cage.

(Step 5) On last wire standing straight up, bend wire and attach the circle previously cut. This will be the halo.

(Step 6) Decorate to preference with garland and lights. When wrapping make sure that the cord for your lights ends up at the bottom of your angel.