Top Link End, Category 1 Thread R.H. Swivel End


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The top link sets the tractor properly, it keeps your tractor level. Top links allow you to control the up and down motion for the leveling of your implement. This can adjust the tilt of the implement, by pushing or pulling the bolt to adjust the tilt of the implement.

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Trust Agri Supply for right hand swivel end category 1 top end link repair ends. Rotating the bolt can either tighten (raise) or loosen (lower) allowing as much as about 30% upward. Adjust the top link on level ground so that the back of the rotary cutter is 1-2" higher than the front. This will allow the cut grass to exit and you won't have the back of the mower or implement scraping on the ground and a lot of weight on the wheel. When mowing on unlevel surfaces something has to give as you cross over highs and low areas so it does not put a large amount of stress on your mower.

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