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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For The Gardener

What are the gifts most likely to put a smile on a gardener’s face?

Well, gardeners are a happy sort anyway. Why? Because gardening is an enterprise anyone can enjoy. Getting outside, helping cultivate beautiful (and often delicious!) results. What’s not to love?

It’s a hobby that fulfills them, and here’s a guide to the gifts they really want.

Garden carts
They’re an essential part of gardening, and easy on your knees. Gardening is hard work, so any tool that takes some of the load off is welcome. Garden carts are especially helpful with raised beds.

Buying tip: A collapsible wagon is ideal for just about any average yard or space. If the gardener on your shopping list has a bigger area to cover, consider a garden utility or yard cart.

Garden gloves can help safeguard hands from sharp instruments, thorns, unexpected garden critters, and more. No gardener wants to put his or her hands in peril to poison ivy, either! Agri Supply carries jersey, pigskin, nitrile-coated gloves, and more.

Buying tip: Choose gloves with extra protection. Also, look for adjustable or snug elastic wrists for the best fit. Leather, synthetic leather, or work gloves will handle just about any garden task.

A harvest collected in a nice basket is just … better. They also have to be in good repair and ready to hold a garden’s bounty. You want to be able to hold what you find on that morning venture into the garden you’ve nurtured!

Buying tip: Function is important, but so is being pretty. Sure, a grocery sack will do. But a basket full of your harvest can stay out on a table and wind up in photo backdrops (or center stage).

Seeders and spreaders
Want to give a gardener a hand? Give them a seeder or spreader! It will allow them to cover larger areas easily, for cover crops or grass seed. The deliberate pattern achieved in using a spreader is best for a garden. Agri Supply has a variety to choose from.

Buying tip: The size of the area being seeded is a factor. Choose a handheld model for small garden plots — and larger, push spreaders for full yards.

Anyone caring for a plot of earth could use a sprayer. They’re handy for watering in a pinch, but mostly for chemical distribution. Help those on your holiday list safeguard against invasive plant species and pests.

Buying tip: As with seeders, there are choices when it comes to shopping for sprayers, based on the scope of the job.

  • Hand sprayers are perfect for small operations
  • Backpack sprayers work well for larger home gardens
  • ATV sprayers are designed for small fields

What a great time to give the gift of flowers and plants to spiff up the home! Planters help boost plant life because you can move them indoors and outdoors. Consider raised garden beds for decorative plants and flowers, but also harvestable plants.

Raised beds keep plants away from pests. They also prevent soil from compacting as it would in the ground. This helps plants grow!

Shopping tip: Talk with your gift recipient about what they are doing now for plants and what they hope to do. Someone with a few planters on the porch might be dreaming of a raised bed in the backyard. You could help make those dreams a reality!

Hand Tools
Agri Supply carries all the equipment you need to fill out that wishlist. For starter tools or upgrades for seasoned pros, you’ll find what you need, for any level of expertise or use. For example:

  • Rakes can help remove dead grass and leaves that can harbor diseases for plants and trees. Pick from our inventory for a healthy and handsome lawn.
  • Pruners are adaptable for trimming tender stems or cutting living branches and deadwood. Pick a model from our shelves to help keep their garden sharp.
  • Shovels aren’t just for digging holes! They’re great for moving snow, soil, and other loose material. Consider garden spades and full-sized shovels for excellent gifts.
  • Garden Hoes are handy for cultivating soil and weed removal. Did you know they are ancient tools? Such a simple design, with such varied use. What gardener couldn’t use a garden hoe or two?

Agri Supply — it’s what’s inside
There’s plenty to keep the gardeners in your life happy this holiday season! Trust us. They’re thinking about gardening even in cold months when they can’t get out there!

Turn to the friendly folks at Agri Supply for all your holiday shopping needs.

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