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Vegetable garden prep: Start early, harvest happy

The right plants can help your garden thrive. But it takes a good amount of prep time, too. We are a few months away from garden-fresh vegetables if you start now.

Good prep starts in the shed. Now is the time to:

  • Sharpen blades - Use a mill file, then add penetrating oil to protect against corrosion
  • Oil hinges - Keep your tools working
  • Expand or upgrade - Add tools you’ve been thinking of, and replacing others that show wear and tear

Starting Indoors. . . 1. Ensure your containers have drainage holes Water is critical for a plant’s life, but overwatering can be damaging. Drainage holes prevent water from pooling around sensitive roots. That can keep bacteria and fungus from growing.

2. Keep containers warm Beside a sunny window or the top of your fridge are nice warm environments. If they’re in the sun, turn the container by one quarter to protect seedlings from overreaching for light. Move them to a cool but bright room once seedlings appear.

3. Fertilize weekly Give seedlings a little food on a schedule. Too much fertilizer at once can burn tender roots.

How about a raised garden bed? Raised beds warm up quicker than those in the ground. They drain well, and you’ll have a longer growing season.

Raised garden beds have other advantages:

  • Organization - set your garden up as you’d like it
  • Keep out pathway weeds - they can’t reach your garden from the ground
  • Keep pests out - as weeds have a tougher time, so too will critters that feast on your garden fare

1. Turn over the soil about 16 inches If this is the first garden use for this soil, turn it over deeper than if it had been used before.

2. Watch out for roots, they'll divert nutrients Check the soil you use for roots to ensure a healthy start to your garden.

3. Make sure the bed is level … with a level Treat it as you would any structure, to keep it from shifting to one side.

4. Spread soil Because your garden isn’t in the ground, make sure you have soil distributed side to side.

Life Hack! Don't want to build a raised garden bed? Use a stock tank instead .

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