Washers Flat and Lock

Looking for Flat & Lock Washers in a variety of sizes and brands? Agri Supply has a huge selection of galvanized flat washers, galvanized lock washers, and more. Our sizes include half-inch galvanized flat washers, 5/8 inch, and ¼ inch. Look no further than Agri Supply for your flat & lock washers.

Nut washers are essential to getting a solid hold with your bolt, particularly if you are working with thin materials or holes too wide for the bolt head, and Agri Supply has the washer hardware you need. We have lock washers that will prevent the bolt from working loose. We have flat washers in different diameters and thicknesses. From fender and split washers to internal lock washers, we have what you need among the more than 26,000 items we carry for farm, shop, home and garden.

Nut washers have different shapes for different purposes. Lock washers can have a split to create helical washers or they can use locking teeth.

Nut washers come in dozens of sizes and styles at Agri Supply because you never know when you're going to need a package of washers, and we are there to help. We have lock washers that resist loosening, also known as split washers or spring lock washers. We have flat washers with extra wide diameters, known as fender washers because they were originally used on car fenders. We have fender and split washers in 1-pound packages as well as assortments.

Nut washers create a wider, flatter load-bearing surface than the nut or bolt head by itself, giving a better grip and helping prevent damage to surfaces. Lock washers, also called helical washers, have the added benefit of creating a flexing pressure that keeps vibrations from loosening the washer hardware. We have flat washers with extra thickness that allows you to provide more torque without damaging the washer or underlying surface. Our selection of fender and split washers means you can find the specialty washer for whatever your project demands.