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Why You Should Observe Safety Practices with Bale Movers

The first thing most of us would focus on when choosing a bale mover or other piece of equipment for sale is quality, and hopefully getting a great deal – in fact, we're here to provide you with both those things. Nevertheless, while those considerations are important, you should never neglect to also think about the suitability of the equipment you're choosing.

In the grand scheme of things, if you choose the bale mover best suited to the work you're doing and the type of hay you're moving (i.e. the volume, weight, and kind of bale you'll be working with) your equipment will last longer, your hay will maintain both its quality and quantity, and – by far most important—you're likely to remain safer while doing a job that requires working with powerful equipment, and heavy loads that could become dangerous if managed improperly.

Once you've chosen the appropriate equipment (with the help of the experts here at Agri Supply always at your service), there are some primary things to keep in mind. The first is attentiveness. With weighty bales that could do great harm if dropped, and machinery that could quickly become hazardous to your safety if made unstable, bale moving is not the time to let your mind wander. So many accidents can be prevented by simply moving at a slow, steady pace and being well aware of your surroundings.

Another principal to follow when working with bale movers is stop mishaps before they start by keeping your equipment clean, well-maintained, and in good repair. Have the spare parts you may need, such as a replacement bale spear, to prevent unnecessary work delays. When all is said and done, if your bale mover is appropriate to handle the weight of your hay, if you're experienced with your equipment, and carefully observe all safety instructions, you will have a smoother, more efficient, more profitable outcome.

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