DryWalker® XTrack® Ultra Green Boot, Men's, Size 10


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These Green XTrack Ultra Size 10 Boots are made for fishing, gardening, hunting, agriculture, and other outdoor activities. They are waterproof, light weight, and will keep your feet out of the elements.

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Whether for farm, field, fishing, or other outdoor activities, keep dry in these comfortable DryWalker® XTrack Ultra Boots. Made with the highest quality EVA material, these superior lightweight boots will help you get the job done while keeping your feet cozy.

  • DryWalker Brand
  • Model: 101/43G
  • Men's
  • Color: Green
  • Made Of The Highest Quality EVA Material
  • Waterproof And Very Light
  • Provides High Comfort In Use
  • Adapts To The Style Of Walking
  • Provides A Very Good Degree Of Thermal Insulation
  • Modern Style Design
  • Equipped With A Special Mat Absorbing Vibration On The Heel
  • All-Year-Round Footwear
  • With Specialized Inserts For Insulation Up To -30 Degrees Celsius
  • Fitted With Specialized Inserts Equipped With Anti-Slip Mat
  • Perfect For Fishing Trips
  • Rolled Corduroy Collar

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DryWalker XTRACK ULTRA GREEN BOOT SIZE 10 in Boots, Shoes, & Waders and at Agri Supply ®.

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