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The 5 gallon spot sprayer, PSR ® LG 05 SS can be used for many residential uses including spraying water, insecticides and herbicides. This pulled or pushed along compact, battery powered pump comes with a rechargeable battery and wheels that allow for easy use around any home's lawn, garden, and driveway.

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For all of your home watering needs, the PSR ® model LG 05 SS can handle it all. With two 8 in. wheels and a 9 ft. coil hose, this spot sprayer can be easily pulled or pushed across any lawn's terrain. It comes fully assembled with a 5 gallon polyethylene tank, a lever handgun, and a telescoping handle that can be attached to the screw-top tank and allows for quick use. The 1.0 GPM demand pump can spray up to 40 gallons on one full battery charge, and the compact, 5 gallon size is great for lawns, gardens, driveways, and other residential uses.

This spot sprayer comes with a 12 Volt, rechargable battery. The assembled tank also includes a battery charger that can be plugged into any 110 Volt AC receptacle, but is advised to not be charged for more than 20 consecutive hours. Not only can this tank be used for watering plants and garden beds, but it can also be used to spray insecticides and herbicides during the warmer months.


  • Precision Spray Equipment, PSR ®, model LG 05 SS
  • 5 gallon polyethylene tank
  • Rechargeable 12 Volt battery
  • Comes with an AC charger
  • Lever handgun and telescoping handle
  • 9 ft. coil hose
  • 1.0 GPM demand pump
  • Sprays 40 gallons with one charge

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