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Agri Supply has a large selection of quality hand & power tools for every job or project. We have the tools to help you get the job done right every time. All of our hand tools comes with our lifetime warranty and our power tools have a one year warranty. We have your individual hand tools and complete hand tool sets.Some of the hand tools are adjustable wrenches, mechanics tool sets, hammers, screwdrivers, socket sets, and pliers to name just a few. The power tools we stock can be corded and cordless, the drills, saws, and grinders we have will do the job efficiently and reliably.

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Small Mixing Tub, 11 Gallon
image Small Mixing Tub, 11 Gallon
Item # 54766
$19.99 EA
Locking Clamps Swivel Pads Sp
image Vise-Grip® The Original™ 18SP® Locking C-Clamp with Swivel Pads
Item # 21857
$47.99 EA
Jumbo Wrench
image 1-3/8 Inch Jumbo Combination Wrench
Item # 23246
The average rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars
$14.99 EA
Drive Socket Set, 3/4 In. Drive, 20 Piece, SAE
image 3/4 In. Drive Socket Set, 20 Piece, SAE
Item # 39403
$134.99 EA
3 drawer rolling mechanics seat
image Performance Tool® 3 Drawer Rolling Mechanic's Seat
Item # 124395
$149.99 EA
Air Grease Gun Kit
image Air Grease Gun Kit
Item # 29258
$45.99 EA
Professional Hand Away Tool Box
Item # 38231
$16.99 EA
8 Pc Drive Deep Impact Socket Set SAE
image 8 Piece 3/4" Drive Deep Impact Socket Set SAE
Item # 53691
$94.99 EA
Fence Pliers
image Agri Supply® Fence Pliers, 10 In.
Item # 11031
$15.99 EA
14-Piece Combination Wrench Set, Sae
image 14-Piece Combination Wrench Set, SAE
Item # 23195
$35.99 EA
Wrench Tool Set, 10 MM. to 32 MM., 14 Pc.
image Wrench Tool Set, 10 MM. to 32 MM., 14 Pc.
Item # 51320
$26.99 EA
107 piece Home & Auto Tool Set
image 107-Piece Home & Auto Tool Set, Performance Tool, W1532
Item # 115692
$53.99 EA
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When you browse the power tools in our hand tools department at Agri Supply, you'll likely come out with one or two tools you just can't do without. We try to stock hand tools that are essential for you and your business, warehouse or home shop. These include high-quality air tools, electric tools and cordless tools, so have all of the options for great repair work or home projects right at your fingertips. Many of these are tool sets, which are economical and convenient.

Our extensive power tools section features items you won't want to be without, like our cordless power drills with dual speed range and long-lasting rechargeable batteries inside. Our many top-notch hand tools include wrenches, grinding wheels, slip joint pliers and hatchets. Among our tools sets, try our 100-piece socket set that will help with projects and household repairs.

We have the power tools in our hand tools collection that will help you get your house in tip-top shape. Our well-stocked hand tools section includes convenient and economical socket sets.

Our large selection of power tools in the workshop supplies department at Agri Supply. Start your hand tools collection with a versatile wrench, such as the 9/16-inch combination ratchet wrench that can help with many plumbing or other household maintenance chores. We have powerful air tools, too, like the ½-inch pistol impact wrench, which features 230 torque pound capacity. You'll find tools sets including socket sets with eight to 100 pieces.

With our many power tools, you'll tackle jobs you never knew you could take on. We have hand tools like adjustable wrenches, for example, that are a fit for tackling home plumbing repairs and tightening up loose objects around the house. You'll see that our air tools and electric tools are must-haves for your workshop or garage. The tools sets we offer, like our locking plier sets, are ideal for holding objects in place particularly during complicated welding jobs.

The power tools and hand tools that we supply all come with a guarantee that we think you'll appreciate. For example, our hand tools are sold to you with our own lifetime guarantee. With our power tools, you'll know you have the best hand tools. So when you choose tool sets from our workshop supplies store you can be confident that they will last and that you have our store backing you up.

Search the power tools at Agri Supply, and you'll know that we strive to provide you with high-quality items and a wide assortment of choices. Besides hand tools, we also stock more than 26,000 other items for farm, shop, and home and garden, so we really are the store with something for everyone. We have hundreds of air tools, power tools, and other hand tools that include auto tools, mechanic tools and electric tools that are cordless. Beyond tools and tool sets, we also offer 250,000 lawn mower blades to fit up to 800 plus mower applications and over 70 name brand mowers.