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Cast Iron & Cooking Supplies

Agri Supply has the right tools for any kitchen or outdoor cooking event. We have a huge selection of cooking supplies and accessories to make every meal a winner. Treat your tastebuds right, start with Agri Supply for your seasonings & sauces, to utensils & accessories, to burners & cookers and to stew pots and everything in between. We will make life easier for you when it comes to cooking.

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Carolina Cooker® 7-Piece Cast Iron Camp Cookware Set
image Carolina Cooker® 7-Piece Cast Iron Camp Cookware Set
Item # 126934
$99.99 EA
bacon up bacon grease 14oz tub
image Bacon Up® Bacon Grease 14 oz.
Item # 127322
$8.99 EA
In stores only
Carolina Cooker 3 Burner Fryer
image Carolina Cooker® Fryer, 3 Burner, 2 Vats, 3 Baskets
Item # 64557A
$364.99 EA
Carolina Cooker 2 Burner Fryer
image Carolina Cooker® Deep Fryer Cooker With Cover
Item # 52509A
$289.99 EA
6 Qt. Ice Cream Maker - Electric And Hand Crank Combo
image 6 Qt. Ice Cream Maker, Electric and Hand Crank Combo
Item # 70596
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$119.99 EA
Banjo Burner Stand, 95k BTU
image Carolina Cooker® Banjo Burner and Stand, 100 Qt. Capacity
Item # 64482A
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$90.99 EA
Carolina Cooker® Preseasoned Dutch Oven, 20 Qt.
image Carolina Cooker® Preseasoned Dutch Oven, 20 Qt.
Item # 101671
$134.99 EA
32" Discada Burner Stand M116672
image Carolina Cooker® 32 inch Discada Stand with Burner
Item # 116672
$69.99 EA
14 Qt Cast Iron Pot Burner Stand
image Carolina Cooker®, Cast Iron Pot and Burner, 14 Qt. Capacity
Item # 68853A
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$184.99 EA
22 Steel Discada W/1.5 Sides
image 22" Steel Discada with 1-1/2" Sides
Item # 121954
$99.99 EA
22-Inch Fryer Stand Carolina Cooker
image Carolina Cooker® 22-inch Fryer Stand, 40 lb. Capacity
Item # 40322A
$59.99 EA
High Pressure Cast Iron Burner, 60,000 BTUs
image High Pressure Cast Iron Burner, 60,000 BTUs
Item # 30295
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$27.99 EA
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Explore cooking and bakeware from Agri Supply for your camping excursions. Discover our assorted camping stoves with one or three burners, and we also carry fittings and supplies for these camping stoves. You'll find we have pots and pans to take with you on your adventure, and these include coffee mugs perfect for a cup brewed over an open fire. Beyond the gas cookers and cooking and kitchen items, we also have durable salt and pepper shakers and seasoning packets with your favorite seasonings in one, convenient package.

Our cookware and bakeware is made for both the outdoors and indoors. Our camping stoves, for instance, can double for backyard cooking, as well. And the pots and pans we carry include rugged cast iron woks and skillets that will prove invaluable in your indoor kitchen. Beyond gas cookers, we also carry unique food tools like our onion cooker and cabbage cutter and vegetable slicer.

When you need quality cookware and bakeware, come to the cooking accessories shop at Agri Supply. These camping stoves and pots and pans come with our own one-year guarantee.

The cookware and bakeware selections we have in the kitchen accessories section at Agri Supply are impressive and full of top-quality items for camping, or home use. While we stock camping stoves aplenty, we also carry unique products that will save you time preparing meals. So in our pots and pans department, you'll see vegetable slicers, paring knives, and even an inventive onion cooker. We also have gas cookers that feature one, two and three burners for quick and easy cooking.

Our extensive cookware and bakeware collection includes essential pots and pans in a wide array of sizes for many different jobs around your kitchen. These fit on camping stoves or work on your in-home stove as well. The pots and pans selections feature a smart and convenient stockpot set with six-, 8 ½-, 11- and 13-quart pots that nest for easy storage when not in use. And our gas cookers are a great fit for our cast iron woks, skillets and pots with fitted lids that double as griddles.

Browse the many cookware and bakeware items in our cooking accessories department and you're still only scratching the surface of the products we carry. We have camping stoves ? and more than 26,000 other different products for farm, shop, home and garden that you can use. So pots and pans and camping cookware are just the start from the store where we have something for everyone. While you're investigating our gas cookers, also search through our camping supplies and our lawn and garden products, like our 250,000 lawn mower blades to fit up to 800 plus mower application and over 70 name brand mowers.

Along with top-notch cookware and bakeware constructed from high-quality materials like aluminum and cast iron, we have smaller kitchen and cooking items that are handy to take along on camping or other outdoor trips. Consider our gas-powered camping stoves, which feature one to three burners for easy outdoor meals in a jiffy. And fill your pots and pans with tasty food that's been seasoned from our pre-mixed seasoning packets, dressings, and sauces. And if you have gas cookers, then try our innovative silicone blue grabber mitts.