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Grinders, Slicers, & Tenderizers

Meat grinders and slicers are versatile kitchen tools, Agri Supply ® offers a variety of choices, including manual meat grinders and electric meat grinders as well as manual meat slicers and electric meat slicers. Hunters appreciate our meat mincers and meat tenderizers after a good days hunt. Our electric meat grinders make quick work of grinding meat, turning out several pounds per minute. Our kitchen meat slicers clean up easily and fit on counters or tabletops. Meat grinders and slicers can also be used for chopping all kinds of vegetables and fresh and dried fruits.

Heavy Duty Meat Tenderizer
image Heavy Duty Meat Tenderizer
Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder
image Kitchener™ Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder
Electric Meat Slicer, 9 In.
image Kitchener™ 9 Inch Kitchener Electric Meat Slicer
The average rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars
Clamp-On Meat Tenderizer
image Clamp-On Meat Tenderizer
Stainless Steel Meat Mixer, 7 Gallon Capacity
image Kitchener™ Stainless Steel Tilting Meat Mixer, 7 Gallon Cap.
manual meat grinder #8
image Weston #8 Manual Meat Grinder Kit
vacuum sealing ring vm-501010
image Kitchener Vacuum Sealing Ring for Model VM-501010 Vacuuum Sealer
pressing rubber vm-501010
image Kitchener Pressing Rubber for VM-501010 Vacuum Sealer
Collagen Casings
image Lem® 132B Edible Collagen Casings 21mm
Meat Grinder Knife Blade, #8
image Meat Grinder Knife Blade, #8
Stainless Steel Meat Mixer, 20 Lb.
image Stainless Steel Meat Mixer, 20 Lb.
Mandoline Slicer by Jaccard®
image Mandoline Slicer by Jaccard®
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