Disc Hillers

Disc hillers provide an easy and economical way for hilling in prepared soil. They can be used in place of plows to make up rows, and even work better, because plows can get stuck and kick dirt up covering your plants where hillers will roll over objects and not get hung up. Our disc hillers are adjustable with 16 and 22 shanks and the blades come in 12, 14 & 16 diameter.

Rugged disc hillers at Agri Supply are easy to attach to your toolbar or Kuelevator. Stock up on disc hiller parts, whether you seek replacement hubs or bearing spacers. From disc blades to seed openers, we have something for everyone. You'll find cultivator discs and other tillage parts to get the job done when you check out our more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden.

New disc hillers and disc blades maximize your efforts in the field. We also have disc hiller parts in abundance, from hubs to bearing spacers.

Choose disc hillers from Agri Supply to efficiently create raised garden beds or cover your crops. We offer quality disc hiller parts so your equipment will be able to get the job done. These disc blades are designed to move your soil efficiently in one pass, saving you time and effort. Find affordable cultivator discs for a wide range of brand-name implements.

Our disc hillers are available with different sized shanks to accommodate your specific needs. Stock up on disc hiller parts such as hub, snap rings, washers and bearing spacers. Plus, disc blades and farm machinery parts, like all our nonperishable products, are covered by our one-year guarantee. We'll cover cultivator discs and tillage parts for a full year after the purchase date, regardless of the manufacturer's guarantee.