Bale Spears, Bushings, & Parts

Bale Spears, Bale Spear Bushing, Conical Nut

Easily transport bales of hay with a new bale spear. Available in tapered or ribbed models with lengths varying from 32 in. to 49 in., these replacement spears can fit a wide range of application needs. Dont forget to purchase matching bushings as well for complete assembly, as well as replacement nuts when needed. Here at Agri Supply®, many of our bale spears come with nuts included for easy attachment. Find Bale Movers, Forks, & Carry Alls and Hay Tedders and hay rakes as just a small portion of the 26,000 plus products that we carry.

Bale spears available from Agri Supply ® range in size from 32 inches to 49 inches in ribbed and tapered styles. We have the hay bale sleeves as well so you can properly and securely mount bale spears on your farm implements. Get your replacement spears now before you snap one off and your work comes to a screaming halt, wasting your time. We have the farm equipment parts you need right down to the replacement bale spear nuts.