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Bale Spear, 49-1/4"

Replace broken bale spears with our 49-1/4 inch long replacement bale spear. The usable length of this bale spear is 42-1/4 inch. The bale spear has a weight rating of 3,500 lbs., 23 inches from the bushing and a weight rating of 2,615 lbs., 31-1/2 inches from the bushing.
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Product Overview
Use this 49-1/4 inch bale spear to help efficiently load your bales of hay. With 42-1/4 inches of usable length, this forged bale spear is tapered on the end to provide less resistance while loading your bale of hay. The weight rating on the bale spear is 3,500 lbs., 23 inches from the bushing and 2,615 lbs., 31-1/2 inches from the bushing. The bushing is sold separately.

  • Bale Spear
  • Total length: 49-1/4 in.
  • Usable length: 42-1/4 in.
  • Weigh rating: 3,500 lbs., 23 in. from bushing
  • Weight rating: 2,615 lbs., 31-1/2 in. from bushing
  • Bale spear sold with nut
  • Bushing, ASC #44132, sold separately
  • Top 24 in. of bale spear is square
  • Bottom 19 in. of bale spear to bushing is round and 1.78 in. in diameter
  • Color: Red
  • Tapered for less hay resistance
  • Torque rating: 500 lbs. per foot

This item is sold online only.
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