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Box Blade & Scraper Blade Parts

Because rear and box blades take so much abuse, we offer a huge variety of quality farm machinery parts at Agri Supply so you can replace worn blades. The scraper and grader blades are ideal for leveling, filling or grading. For general farm maintenance, our box scraper blades and tractor box blades won’t disappoint. Check out our heavy duty box scrapers for complete scraper assemblies.

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Box Blade Shank 18,  3 Slot
image Box Blade Shank, 18" Long, 3 Front Slots
Item # 105648
The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars
$27.99 EA
Box Blade Shank 18 in Long, 4 Hole
image 18" Box Blade Shank, 4 Hole
Item # 111589
$16.99 EA
Cutting Edge For Box Blade
image 6' Cutting Edge
Item # 28377
$139.99 EA
Box Blade Shank, 18-Inch Long, 4 Hole
image 18-inch Box Blade Shank with 4 Holes, Ripper/Scarifier tooth
Item # 105646
$26.99 EA
A Frame For Southern Equipment Box Blades
image Box Blade Lift Arms, Pair
Item # 34535
$99.99 PR
Box Blade Shank / Scarifier Tooth 16 inches Long 3 Rear
image Box Blade Shank / Scarifier teeth, 16 inches Long, 3 Rear
Item # 72382
$20.99 EA
Box Blade Shank 163 Hole
image 16" Box Blade Replacement Shank, 3 Hole
Item # 111592
$14.99 EA
Flat Pin For Box Blade Shanks With Slots
image Flat Pin For Box Blade Shanks w/ Slots
Item # 10405
$3.99 EA
Round Pin for Box Blade Shanks
image Round Pin for Box Blade Shanks 1/2 inch X 4-1/2 inch
Item # 28479
$2.49 EA
Ripper Point For 3/4 in Box Blade Shank
image 5-inch Ripper Point/Scarifier Tooth for 3/4-inch Box Blade Shank
Item # 10453
$8.49 EA
Box Blade Shank, 16 In. Long, 3 Hole
image Box Blade Shank, 16 In. Long, 3 Hole
Item # 86634
$19.99 EA
Ripper Point For Box Blade Shank
image Ripper Point/Scarifier Tooth For Box Blade Shank, P-P0414
Item # 89348
$3.99 EA

Keep your rear and box blades ready to perform with quality, affordable farm machinery parts and box blades for sale from Agri Supply. We have box scraper and grader blades ideal for a wide range of applications, from farming to landscaping. Our box scraper and tractor box blades work great for snow removal, too. You'll find the tractor rear blades and farm machinery parts you seek for any demanding job.

Whatever kind of box blade you need, you'll find it with us. When your rear and box blades need new shanks or scarifiers, we have you covered. You can get parts for scraper and grader blades such as round pins and flat pins, too. Get reliable tractor rear blades and cutting edges by shopping our catalog of more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden. From tractor rear blades to tiller tines, we have something for everyone.