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Buckets, Baskets, & Scoops

Agri Supply carries a wide range of products such as galvanized tubs and buckets that are corrosion-resistant, plastic tubs or containers in various sizes, and stainless steel and plastic bucket scoops and feed scoops.

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Plastic Feed Storage Pail 130 lbs
image Plastic Feed & Seed Storage Pail, 26.5 Gallons/130 Lbs.
Item # 110043
$54.99 EA
In stores only
Heavy Duty Drum with Lid, 13 Gallon
image Heavy Duty Drum with Lid, 13 Gallon
Item # 54763
$38.99 EA
Agri Supply® Logo Red 5-Gallon Bucket
image Agri Supply® Logo Red 5-Gallon Bucket
Item # 125481
$5.49 EA
Feed & Utility Buckets
image Plastic Feed & Seed Storage Pail, 12 Gallon/50 Lbs.
Item # 110042
$31.99 EA
16 Liter Stainless Steel Bucket
image Stainless Steel 16 Liter Bucket
Item # 106533
$15.99 EA
Feed Pan Gallon Reinforced Rubber
image 3 Gallon Feed Pan HP3
Item # 18060
$11.99 EA
Fence Feeder 11 with Clips
image Fence Feeder 11" with Clips
Item # 68249
$16.99 EA
Tuff Stuff Black Muck Bucket, 17-1/2 Gallon
image Tuff Stuff Muck Bucket, 70 Quart, Black
Item # 54769
$31.99 EA
Gallon Oval Wash Tub Hot Dipped
image Wash Tub, 5.6 Gallon, Oval, Galvanized
Item # 57208
$24.99 EA
Tuff Stuff Products KMB103 Circular Tub, 25 Gallon
image Tuff Stuff Products KMB103 Circular Tub, 25 Gallon
Item # 54749
$41.99 EA
Washboard Galvanized
image Washboard Galvanized 7-1/4" x 14-1/2"
Item # 57215
$9.99 EA
Hp Gallon Tub Hd Rubber
image 15 Gallon Heavy Duty Rubber Tub HP-15
Item # 18064
$35.99 EA
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Bushel baskets from Agri Supply hold the equivalent of 4 pecks or 8 gallons in dry goods. Picking baskets for crops such as apples, potatoes or cabbages can come in a range of sizes and shapes, such as squat or tall or half size so you can both gather and display your produce. Sometimes plastic buckets or galvanized buckets are a better option for gathering, and we have lots of sizes and colors. Our farm supply line also has scoops, tubs, funnels, cans and pails and a range of other products for dry and wet goods.

Bushel baskets made of wood are handy for holding things and look good too, whether natural or red. They make great picking baskets, but they can also be used to display your produce or other types of goods.

Bushel baskets available at Agri Supply come in a variety of styles, from tall bushel baskets to squat bushel baskets and round bottom bushel baskets to board bottom bushel baskets. Buy functional picking baskets for gathering in a crop or natural-style picking baskets for decoration around the house. Maybe plastic buckets are more your need, such as a 70 quart muck bucket made of heavy-duty, impact-resistant plastic or an 8 quart heavy-duty plastic bucket that is heat and cold resistant. Galvanized buckets are another option, with 2 quart and 4 quart sizes.

Store your bushel baskets with bushel basket moon covers or flat covers. Match your garden baskets to your garden size while you're at it, with options such as ½ bushel baskets or 1-peck natural baskets. Or go for 5.6 gallon galvanized tubs that have been hot dipped for rust resistance. Our farm supply has dozens of options for buckets, pails, tubs and pans for your gathering, storing, feeding and watering needs. Livestock supplies such as scoops and funnels are just a few of the more than 26,000 products we carry for farm, shop, home, and garden.