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Email Privacy Policy

The Agri Supply® Email Privacy Policy is simple. We only send you our newsletter and promotional emails if you opt-in, and we stop when you opt-out.

How do we use your information?

Agri Supply uses the information we collect from you in the following ways: When you sign-up for our email newsletter and promotional mailings, we use your information to: 1) Get our newsletters out to you 2) Send targeted promotional mailings to you based on your website habits and shopping history (if applicable), to help make certain that you receive only relevant promotional pieces which may be of interest to you. 3) Provide you with multiple opt-out methods so that you maintain complete control of your inbox.

How do you Opt-In?

  • You may opt-in by filling out the quick sign-up form found on the right navigation bar of our web site.
  • You may opt-in when you place a phone order at 1-800-345-0169, if the CSR doesn't ask you, make sure to tell them you want to sign-up!
  • You may opt-in via the checkbox on the order form found in the center of our catalog, or our printer friendly version of the order form provided online.
  • You may opt-in using one of our kiosks, or promotional sign-up boxes found in our stores, or at shows/events we are participating in.

How do you Opt-Out?

  • We provide unsubscribe links in every HTML and/or TEXT newsletter and promotional email we send to your inbox.
  • You may opt-out by calling 1-800-345-0169 and asking one of our friendly customer service representatives to remove your email address from our promotional listing.
  • You may opt-out by visiting our contact page and choosing Signup For or Unsubscribe from Our Email Newsletters.
  • Agri Supply honors ALL unsubscribe requests as quickly as possible.