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Wick Applicators

A rope wick applicator is a great way to apply herbicides and insecticides by hand, ATV, or tractor and reduce the potential of drift. At Agri Supply®, we carry both hand held wick applicators and rope wick applicators that will attach to your ATV. We also stock compression nuts and rope assembly repair parts for your wick applicator.

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String Wing, 5 Ft Rope Wick, Chemical Applicator
image String Wing, 5' Nylon Rope Wick Chemical Applicator
Item # 71934
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$144.99 EA
Hand Wick Applicator
image Hand Wick Rope Applicator
Item # 25219
$74.99 EA
Hitch Mount For Wick Applicator
image Hitch Mount fits Wick Applicator
Item # 109190
$139.99 EA
Hand Wick Applicator
image Hand Wick Herbicide Applicator, 10 In. Rope
Item # 25218
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$26.99 EA
Replacement Rope Assembly For a Rope Wick Applicator
image Rope Wick Applicator Replacement Rope Assembly
Item # 25225
$11.99 EA
Screw In Type Fitting Fits Rope Wick Applicator Bg
image Replacement Screw-In Type Fittings To Fit Rope Wick Applicator
Item # 26767
$3.49 BG
Atv Mount Brackets
image ATV Mount Brackets
Item # 71935
$119.99 EA
Pvc Compression Nut For Rope Wick Applicator Bg
Item # 25222
$2.49 BG
Rubber Joint Washer For Rope Wick Applicator Bg
Item # 25224
$1.99 BG
wick replacement string 2/bg
image Wick Replacement for String Wing Bag of 2
Item # 124272
$11.99 EA
Bucket Mount For Wick Applicator
image Bucket Mount for Wick Applicator
Item # 109191
$109.99 EA

Use a herbicide wick applicator when you want to kill weeds in smaller areas without resorting to broadcast spraying. Find a rope wick applicator for hand application or for attachment to an ATV or tractor at Agri Supply. Weed killer & wick bar applicators let you target and easily kill weeds that are taller than your crops. Our sprayer pumps & parts can help you with larger spray applications, and we carry more than half a dozen types of sprayer pumps and a large assortment of parts and accessories.

Choices in herbicide wick applicator let you opt for a hand-held or tractor-attached applicator. With a rope wick applicator, you'll use less herbicide but be more effective.

A herbicide wick applicator lets you target weeds without the need for broadcast spraying. Using a rope wick applicator from Agri Supply, you can zero in on weeds that have grown taller than crops and hit them with the herbicide-soaked rope. Find weed killer & wick bar applicators among the more than 26,000 products that we offer for farm, shop, home and garden. We also carry sprayer pumps & parts in a large enough variety to suit your every need.

Choose a hand herbicide wick applicator with either 10 inches or 20 inches of rope surface or an ATV/tractor-attachable string wing applicator that's available in 5-foot connectable sections. Rope wick applicator rope assemblies also can be found at Agri Supply. Besides weed killer & wick bar applicators, we also carry screw-in fittings, rubber joint washers and PVC compression nuts for your applicator. As with our sprayer pumps & parts and most products, our wick applicators and parts are guaranteed for one year under our own warranty.