Garden Seeders & Spreaders

Seeders, Seed Spreaders, Garden Seeders & ATV Spreaders

Agri Supply has garden seeders and broadcast spreaders with a spread width of 10 to 12, plus a spreader grate that helps to prevent chemical burns on a lawn. Our seeders can plant a variety of vegetable and flower seeds with one continuous operation of opening the soil. Try our fertilizer spreaders, like the fertilizer applicator, that fits our precision garden seeder. We also carry seed spreaders with a sealed 12-volt motor mounted in the hopper for long life.

Agri Supply has broadcast spreaders with a raised flow control handle that is accessible from the seat, a very handy feature in garden seeders. Simply put, seeders are ideal row crop planters - gardening tools that take the guesswork out of planting any row crop. Try our fertilizer spreaders, including our 12 volt commercial spreader, for larger garden areas. Our seed spreaders, whether simple garden seeders or more high-tech tow spreaders, are gardening tools that will make planting seeds and spreading fertilizer easier on you.

We carry broadcast spreaders with a 175 lb. capacity poly hopper and a rustproof spreader plate. Try our seeders, installing one of our precision seed plates, and discover the ease of precision planting. Some of our fertilizer spreaders feature two hoppers for simultaneous planting and fertilizing. Try our seed spreaders, including our ATV spreaders, and see how essential gardening tools can make planting and fertilizing a job you won't dread.