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Wheel & Tire Assemblies

Agri Supply ® carries a wide variety of trailer tire and wheel assemblies. Does your boat trailer, equipment trailer, enclosed trailer or hauling trailer need a new tire and wheel assembly? Agri Supply® can help get your trailer back on the road with tire and wheel assembly to fit most trailers.

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HI-RUN Radial Trailer Tire, ST225/75R15, Load Range E, ASR1153
image HI-RUN Radial Trailer Tire and Wheel, ST225/75R15, Load Range E, ASR1153
Item # 119269
$179.99 EA
In stores only
Sport Trailer Tire, 4.80 x 12, LRB
image HI-RUN Trailer Tire, 4.80-12, 5-Hole, Load Range B, ASB1053
Item # 101754
$79.99 EA
Tire and Wheel Assembly, 4.80 x 8, LRB, 4 on 4 Wheel
image HI-RUN Trailer Tire, 4.80-8, 4-Hole, Load Range B, ASB1050
Item # 101745
$49.99 EA
4.80 x 12, 4 On 4, 8 Spoke Sport Assembly
image HI-RUN Trailer Tire, 4.80-12, 4-Hole, Load Range B, ASB1051
Item # 101753
$79.99 EA
Tire and Wheel Assembly, 5.70-8, 4 On 4
image HI-RUN Trailer Tire, 5.70-8, 4-Hole, Load Range B, ASB1052
Item # 101749
$59.99 EA
5.30 x 12, 5 On 4.5, 8 Spoke Wheel
image HI-RUN Trailer Tire, 530X12-6, 5-Hole, Load Range C, ASB1047
Item # 101759
$94.99 EA
Trailer Tire and Wheel, 18.5 x 8.5 - 8, LRC, 5 on 4-1/2 In.
image HI-RUN Trailer Tire, 18.5X8.5-8, 5-Hole, Load Range C, ASB1026
Item # 29808
$79.99 EA
Tire and Wheel Assembly, 4.80-8, LRB, 5 on 4-1/2 Wheel
image HI-RUN Trailer Tire, 4.80-8, 5-Hole, Load Range B, ASB1046
Item # 101746
$49.99 EA
8-14.5 Homaster V Tire & Wheel
image Homaster, GreenBall 8-14.5 Trailer Tire Donut Wheel Assembly
Item # 75039A
$129.99 EA
Hi Run JK42 Trailer Tire, ST205/75R15, PlyRating: 8, WD1228
image HI-RUN Radial Trailer Tire, ST205/75R15, 5-Hole, LRD 8PR, ASR1204
Item # 90992A
$149.99 EA
Tire and Wheel Assembly, ST225/75D15
image HI-RUN Trailer Tire, ST225/75D15, 6-Hole, Load Range D, ASB1006
Item # 90989
$174.99 EA
Tire and Wheel Assembly, ST175/80D13
image HI-RUN Trailer Tire, ST175/80D13, 5-Hole, Load Range C, ASB1001
Item # 90986
$109.99 EA
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Rugged and durable, our trailer tires at Agri Supply are constructed to withstand heavy use and high mileage. Our assortment of trailer wheels includes models for utility, marine, cargo and livestock. You'll find the white spoke wheels with the towing capacity you need right here among our more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden. Shop for 5 lug wheels and all of your truck accessories at Agri Supply, where customer satisfaction is our No. 1 priority.

Professional or recreational, our trailer tires deliver dependable performance no matter the application. These trailer wheels resist scuffs and cracks and can withstand rugged roads or trails.

The trailer tires you need can be found at Agri Supply, whether you're hauling a boat through the wilderness or towing agricultural equipment across the farm. We offer trailer wheels and lug tires in a variety of ply load ratings. These white spoke wheels are designed to resist cracks and stand up to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Our versatile 5 lug wheels wear evenly and ride smoothly.

You'll love our selection of trailer tires for hauling cargo trailers or horse trailers. Get the trailer wheels you need to tow your RV or livestock. From white spoke wheels to lug tires, we have something for everyone. Find truck accessories, 5 lug wheels and more among our more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden.