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Middle Busters & Subsoilers

Whether you need a middle buster or a subsoiler, Agri Supply® can help you get the job done. We carry 3pt hitch middle busters as well as 1pt hitch mount middle busters. The subsoilers from Agri Supply® come in one shank and two shank options with category 1 and category 2 3pt hitch mounts as an option, too. Depending on if you are making a row for planting or an area for water to go, Agri Supply® has the products you need.

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3pt subsoiler ripper 1x4 shank
image 3-Point Subsoiler, 4" x 1" Shank with Reversible Ripper Tooth
Item # 73410A
$204.99 EA
Middle Buster, 3-Point Hitch
image Middle Buster, 3‑Point Hitch
Item # 73411
The average rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars
$274.99 EA
pipelayer f/asc 73410a
image Pipe Layer for ASC #73410A Subsoiler
Item # 73622A
$119.99 EA
3 Point Subsoiler, 4 In. x 1 In. Shank, Ripper Tooth
image 3-Point Subsoiler, 4" x 1" Shank, Ripper Tooth
Item # 73410
The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars
$212.88 EA
Middlebuster Point Hitch
image Kodiak Middle Buster 3-Point Hitch
Item # 31220
$299.88 EA
Subsoiler Point Shank
image Subsoiler 3-Point with 1" x 6" Shank
Item # 32568
$349.99 EA
5 Point  Ripper 3 Point Category 1 Hitch
image Ripper 5 Point 3 Point Hitch Category 1 Hitch
Item # 89823
$489.99 EA