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Weed Shield

Agri Supply carries a wide selection of Weed Shield products to kill and prevent weeds, grass and brush. Give your lawn broad spectrum control with our weed killing products, including the powerful vegetation killers, weed killers, and more. The variety of vegetation control products use dual action technology to kill and prevent weeds up to 12 months long.

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image Warp's® NO-HOE GARDEN MULCH 3' X 50' 1.5 MIL
Item # 11446
$6.49 RL
image Landscape Fabric, 3' x 100'
Item # 81442
$18.99 EA

Landscape fabric from Agri Supply effectively helps block weeds from growing and stealing valuable nutrients from your plants. Our weed paper allows water, air and nutrients to pass through the weed cloth, promoting healthier plants. Try garden fabric from our store as it helps prevent the germination of weed seeds. Use our weed fabric with our no-hoe garden mulch for a garden that will grow beautifully.

Find that our landscape fabric will help your plants grow healthier with protection from weeds. We carry quality weed paper and garden fabric at affordable prices in our inventory of more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden.

Landscape fabric from Agri Supply has excellent permeability, allowing water, air and nutrients to get right to the root of your plants, creating healthy gardens and beautiful landscapes. Our weed paper is weed block that not only prevents weeds, but it encourages root growth by keeping soil moist and cool. Try our garden fabric and see how easy this weed cloth is to lay within your garden beds. All of our weed fabric prevents wasting time pulling weeds, giving you more energy to enjoy your garden.

Some of our landscape fabric is made of UV-treated polyethylene, featuring patented "microfunnels" ? technology that saves you time weeding your garden. Our weed paper is a chemical-free, easy-to-use weed barrier. We carry garden fabric that provides extra strength that is extremely effective in preventing rips, tears and punctures. Use our weed fabric, weed block and other lawn supplies for a strong and healthy garden.