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Whether you're a professional carpenter or a homeowner working around the house, a wood folding rule should be in everyone's tool box. Agri Supply carries wood extension rules with brass extension slides. The carpenter's rule comes with a 6-inch slide extension, folding up nicely into any tool box. For easy visual flexibility, the rule comes with marks on both sides and each edge. Whatever you're looking to measure, Agri Supply's wood folding rule can do the job.

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Wood Extension Rule, 6 x 5/8
image Wood Extension Rule W/ Brass Extension Slide, 6' x 5/8
Item # 17785
$22.99 EA

A carpenters rule from Agri Supply is made from wood and brass for long and reliable life. A wooden folding rule can be stored anywhere and then brought out for a solid measuring surface. Extension rules are one of the ways we stock something for everyone, whether you want tape measures or a trusty carpenters rule. Folding wood rules can nestle right in with your other hand tools in your toolbox or tool drawer and be ready for use.

A carpenters rule should be in every carpenters tool belt, even if you are just a homeowner tinkering around the garage. A wooden folding rule gives you reliable measurements and then folds up for easy storage.

A carpenters rule folds up neatly into a 6-inch length so you can easily store it in a drawer, toolbox or pocket. A wooden folding rule from Agri Supply is handy and convenient to keep around, not taking up much space but useful for all sorts of measuring tasks. Extension rules grow in size until you get the length for whatever it is you are working on. Our folding wood rules use brass rivets to assure long life.

A carpenters rule could be found in pockets dating back for decades because it is a simple yet wildly useful device. A wooden folding rule is just what you need from the classroom to the home to the job site. Extension rules, unlike tape measures, give you a rigid ruler but fit in a pocket far better than a yardstick. We have hand tools for every application among the more than 26,000 items we carry for farm, shop, home and garden.