Wire Brushes

Check out Agri Supply’s huge selection of Wire Brushes in a variety of sizes, styles and brands. Used to remove rust, paint, and scale, these brushes are durable and effective and available in a variety of sizing options. Whether you need 4 or 5-inch crimped wire cup brushes or mounted cup brushes, Agri Supply has what you’re looking for.

With 16-ounce fiberglass hammers from Agri Supply, you are armed for all sorts of carpenter, construction or demolition jobs. Carpenter & rip claw hammers with drop forged heads and rubber grips are the perfect tools for thousands of tasks. Nail remover tools are not all made alike, and we have curved claw hammers and ripping claw hammers. You know your nail puller tool will be quality because we guarantee all carpenter hand tools for a lifetime.

Fiberglass hammers are tough and yet lightweight so you can use them all day. Carpenter & rip claw hammers are the backbone of any kind of construction or home repair.

Fiberglass hammers from Agri Supply are lightweight and yet strong so your hammer will last. We have a selection of carpenter & rip claw hammers so you can get a hammer that feels good in your grip. The right nail remover tools make the job easier, letting you quickly clear out trip or break apart frames. When you need a nail puller tool, you don't want to be struggling with a bent or badly shaped claw.

Fiberglass hammers are at the very foundation of a selection of carpenter hand tools. Without carpenter & rip claw hammers, you can't get much done on the job site or keep your house in good shape. Nail remover tools with a rubber grip and a drop forged head mean you can get that pesky nail out of the way quickly and confidently. Our carpenter hand tools are among the more than 26,000 items we carry for farm, shop, home and garden.