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10-10-10 All Purpose Fertilizer, 40 Lbs.

What does the 10-10-10 mean? The three numbers indicate an equal balance of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. 10-10-10 is a general-purpose fertilizer that can be used to provide plants, trees, and shrubs with essential nutrients. The N-P-K content consists of 10% Total Nitrogen, 10% Available Phosphate, and 10% Soluble Potash. This is a 40 lb. bag of fertilizer.
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Product Overview

Visit one of our retail locations for a 40 lb. bag of this granular fertilizer. Formulated to help provide flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees with nutrient-enriched materials, this 10-10-10 fertilizer contains primary plant nutrients from an assortment of ingredients. It is recommended to use 0.7 lbs. of fertilizer per 100 square feet and to mix with soil 6 inches deep when working with flower beds or gardens. For trees and shrubs, it is recommended to use when they are dormant in the early spring or late fall seasons. Aside from these recommendations, the application may differ due to crop and soil analysis. Please reference the label for application details, and use as directed.


  • All-Purpose Fertilizer
  • Fertilizer grade: 10-10-10
  • Net contents: 40 lbs
  • Granular Fertilizer
  • Contains primary plant nutrients
  • Sold in stores only
  • Apply 0.7 lbs. per 100 square feet
  • Flower bed use: Mix with soil through a 6-inch depth
  • Shrub or tree use: Apply when plants and trees are dormant
  • Please reference the label for application details
  • Use as directed
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