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Earthway Kentucky-style 24-inch High Wheel Cultivator, Push

This high wheel plow by Maxim ® uses an old idea for this era. This cultivator comes with a turn shovel, five tine cultivators, and a double point blade. Perfect for smaller gardens, this man-powered cultivator will furrow, weed, and plow your tilled soils. The hi-wheel plow has a 24-inch steel wheel and 4-1/2 foot wooden handles for excellent leverage and maneuverability.
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Product Overview

Use this high wheel cultivator to prepare your tilled garden soils for planting. This human-powered cultivator has a 24-inch steel wheel and 4-1/2 wooden handles for excellent maneuverability and leverage. The high wheel plow comes with a double point shovel, turn shovel, and five tine cultivator. Use this equipment to furrow, weed, plow and form hills in soils that have already been tilled.


  • High Wheel Cultivator
  • Product number: HWP-24WH
  • Walk-behind manual cultivator and plow
  • Comes with a double point stamped steel shovel, a stamped steel turn shovel and a welded steel five tine cultivator
  • Great for small gardens
  • This human-powered cultivator can make furrows, weed, plow and form hills
  • Steel Wheel: 24 inches
  • Wooden handles: 4-1/2 inches
  • Assembly required
  • Steel frame connections

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