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3 Prong Frog Gig and Fish Spears

This frog gig and fish spear has 3 prongs that are constructed from hand forged steel. The three tines measure 9/32 inch in diameter, and have barbed ends. Overall this gig head measures 9 inches L x 3-1/2 inches W.
Product Overview

Attach this gig head spear to have a complete gigging device for fish and frogs. The tines on this spear head measure 5 inches long, and are 9/32 inch in diameter. This 3 prong device has barbed ends for a more secured catch. It is constructed from hand forged steel and the seams have been welded by an acetylene welding process. 


  • 3 Prong Frog Gig and Fish Spear
  • Overall dimensions: 9 in. L x 3-1/2 in. W
  • Length of tines: 5 in.
  • Diameter of tines: 9/32 in.
  • Barbed ends
  • Construction: Hand forged steel
  • Acetylene welded at the seams
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