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3 Piece Dead Blow Hammer Set

This 3 piece dead blow hammer set contains a 12-ounce brass hammer, a 16-ounce ball-peen hammer, and an 8-ounce dead blow hammer.
Product Overview
  • Set includes 12-oz. brass hammer, 16-oz. ball-peen hammer, and 8-oz. dead blow hammer
  • All three hammers' steel shot filled canister creates a dead blow effect; maximizes force, reduces rebound, and absorbs the shock of impact
  • The non-sparking, chemical resistant molded urethane covering is bright orange for high visibility and safety
  • The 12-ounce brass platted cap hammer can be used for non-sparking applications
  • The 16-ounce hammer's steel face and peen allow for conventional use in striking punches and chisels as well as shaping and straightening unhardened metals
  • The 8-ounce urethane coated hammer is used for non-marring / non-sparking applications
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