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40W Premium Non-Detergent Oil, 1 Quart.

Ideal for older and worn-out engines, Warren® non-detergent SAE 40 motor oil is a petroleum-based oil that meets APO Service Classification SA requirements.
Product Overview

The 40W Premium Non-Detergent Oil is intended for use on compressors or non-critical gasoline engines, this motor oil is constructed with a petroleum base. Able to work on modern and older engines, this oil should not be used on newly rebuilt engines or engines with hydraulic valve lifters. This non-detergent motor oil does not meet car warranty requirements.


  • Warren® brand
  • Model number: WAR401RPL
  • Non-Detergent SAE 40 Motor Oil
  • Petroleum-based oil
  • Use on applications that do not require detergent motor oil
  • Does not meet the car warranty requirements
  • Meets API Service Classification SA requirements

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