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7108722 G08 Constant Velocity to fit PTO Shaft

Made for wide angle/constant velocity PTO shafts including Bat Wing, pull type balers, sprayers and other towed equipment.
Product Overview
  • Eurocardan brand
  • Model number: 7108722
  • G08 Constant Velocity
  • Fits PTO shaft
  • Tractor end assembly for a constant velocity PTO shaft
  • Tractor end is 1-3/8" x 6 spline
  • Series 8 new style with improved universal joints
  • Fits tri-lobed shafting that is 2-1/2" in height
  • Features new and improved longer lasting bearing in the cap
  • Larger bearings caps, for longer life
  • Easy removal requires just a pushing the release pin
  • Push pin yoke can be attached with out having to push the attaching pin in to latch on the tractor end power take off
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