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Johnson Level 8 Ounce Steel Haxagonal Plumb Bob

Find plumb quickly and easily with Johnson's steel plumb bobs. They feature a hexagonal machined steel body with a plated finish to resist corrosion. The removable cap allows you to install string or line quickly and easily.
Product Overview

These steel plumb bobs tie easily to string and line and are great for lining up and transferring points. They are essential tools for surveyors, excavation contractors, and foundation contractors. Plumb bobs can be used to plumb walls and other objects or can be attached to select Johnson tripods to center the tripod perfectly over your reference point when using lasers and optical instruments.


  • Hexagonal machined steel body

  • Corrosion-resistant plated finish

  • Removable cap for easy, centered string installation

  • How to use a plumb bob

  • MFG Number: 8

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