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Deck Belt, Made to Fit AYP, 88-3/4 In.

This mower belt is made to fit AYP 38 inch and 42-inch lawnmower decks with double idler pulleys.
Product Overview

HUQ HCLT120A 954140047 HCLT120B 954140047 LRH125 954001222D LTH120 (954140013A) LTH120 (954140047 LTH120 (954140106B) LTH120 954140003A LTH120 954140003B LTH120 954140003C LTH120 954140003D LTH120 954140003E LTH120 954140003F LTH120 954140106A LTH125 954002721 LTH130 954140003F LTH130 954140003G LTH130 954140003H LTH130 954140003J LTH130 954140003K LTH130 954140005 LTH130 954140005 (Deck 1999-01) LTH130 954140005A LTH130 954140005B LTH130 954140005C LTH130 954140005D LTH130 954140005E LTH130 954140107A LTH130 954830061A LTH130 954830061B LTH145 954140006A LTH145 954140006C LTH145 954140006D LT120 954140002A LT120 954140002A (Deck) LT120 954140002B LT120 954140002B (Deck) LT1238A 954567024 LT1238B 954567024 LT1238C 954567024 LT125 95400271 LT130 954140004A (Deck 42") LT130 954830071A (Deck 42") LT1538A 954569776 LT1538B 954569776 LT1538C 954569776 LT1538D 954569776 YTH145 954140015A YTH150 954140007B YTH150 954140007C YTH150 954140007D YTH150 954140007F YTH150 954 532144200 HUSQVARNA 531007562 HUSQVARNA 532131290 HUSQVARNA 532144200 LASER 532144200 HUSQVARNA 531007562 HUSQVARNA 532131290 HUSQVARNA 532144200 LASER 95184 LASER 95519 PLP 109-986 ROPER 144200 ROTARY 8516 SEARS 144200 STENS 265-092


  • Replaces Oregon® 75-099
  • A-144200
  • Replacement made to fit AYP OEM 144200
  • 1/2 in. x 88-3/4 in.
  • Belt to fit AYP 38 in. and 42 in. decks with double idler pulleys
  • Sold individually

If this deck belt does not fit your lawnmower, we carry numerous sizes in our lawn mower belts department.

Agri Supply® stocks a wide variety of lawn mower belts to fit all of the major brands, find yours in our mower belt category or search through our entire lawn mower parts department.

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