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To fit OEM Parts: MUR 31602A 31602B 31602X5A 31602X60A 31602X60B 31621X70G 31720X11B 31720X11C 31720X20 31720X20E 31720X51A 31720X51B 31720X51C 31721X88A 31722X95A 3394308 3395606 3396201 38560X181A 38560X81A 38600A 38600B 38600C 38600D 38600E 38602X5A 38602X5B 38602X5C 38602X5D 38602X5E 38602X66F 38602X70A 38602X70J 38602X95A 38604A (B&S 12HP) 38604B 38608A 38608B 38608C 38608X12A 38608X12B 38608X12C 38608X12D 38608X12E 38608X12F 38608X12G 38608X12H 38608X12XC 38608X92A 38608X92B 38608X92C 38608X92D 38609X1A 38611X60A 38611X60B 38612A 38612X34A 38612X34B 38615A 38615B 38616A 38617X5A 38617X5B 38618X192A 38618X92A 38618X92B 38618X92C 38618X92D 38618X92E 38619X1A 38619X1B 38623X5A 38623X5B 38623X5C 38623X5D 38624X12A 38624X12B 38624X12C 38629X1A 38629X1B 38629X1D 38631X14A 38631X8A 38631X8B 38632X66B 38633X192A 38633X192B 38633X92A 38633X92B 38692A 387000X00A 387000X92A 387001X00A 387002C92D 387002X83A 387002X92 387002X92A 387002X9 037X61WMA MURRAY 37X61 MURRAY 37X61MA MURRAY 710531 PLP 109-617 ROTARY 6508 037X61WMA MURRAY 37X61 MURRAY 37X61MA MURRAY 710531 PLP 109-617 ROTARY 6508 SEARS 037X61MA SEARS 37X61 STENS 265-306 TRACTOR SUPPLY 37X61


  • Replaces Oregon® # 75-061
  • A-37X61
  • 1/2 x 95
  • MURRAY-OEM # 37X61, & 710531
  • Fits 30, 38 & 40 gear & 50" gear drive LT pan frame tractors, fits 30, 40, 42, 46 & 48 decks with peerless hydro drives

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A & I Products 75-061 - MURRAY - DRIVE BELT in Belts and Lawn Mower Blades, Parts, & Accessories at Agri Supply ®.

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