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Lawn Mower Deck Belt, 5/8 In. W, 74 In. L, Made to fit MTD

Always replace your worn and broken mower belt to improve your lawnmower's performance. OREGON ® 75-028 is a replacement belt made to fit MTD 42 inch deck belt mowers. The mower belt is 5/8" wide by 74" long.
Product Overview

To fit OEM Parts: BO 13AQ683G163 (Deck 42") and MTD TMO-3100002 TMO-3101805 TMO-3104203 TMO-3104204 TMO-3204205 TMO-3250008 TMO339612 13A-614 13A-619 13A-660 13A-661 13A-662 13A-663 13A-665 13A-667 13A-6699 13A-67A 13A-670 13A-671 13A-672 13A-674 13A-675 13A-677 13A-678 13A-679 13A-69A 13A-690 13A-693 13A-694 13A-695 13A-698 13A-699 13AD674 13AD674G 13AD698 13AF675G062 (Deck 42") 13AF698G131 (Deck 42") 13AG675 13AG675G 13AG678G 13AG695 13AG695G 13AH660 13AJ699 13AK660G 13AM600G000 (Deck 42") 13AM660F 13AM660F352 (Deck 42") 13AM660G 13AM660G302 (Deck 42") 13AM660G353 (Deck 42") 13AM660G700 (Deck 42") 13AM660G752 (Deck 42") 13AM665G 13AM67AG 13AM670G 13AM672G 13AM675G 13AM679G 13AM69AG 13AM690 13AM690G 13AM693G 13AM695G 13AM698G 13AN660F700 (Deck 42") 13AN665G131 (Deck 42") 13AN673G131 (Deck 42") 13AN675G 13AN679G 13AN682G731 (Deck 42") 13AN695G 13AN697G 13AN698G (Deck 42") 13AO619 13AO665G 13AO670G 13AO69AG 13AO695G 13AO698G 13AP698G731 (Deck 42") 13AQ665G 13A PLP 109-634 ROTARY 6845 SEARS 754-0371 SEARS 754-0371A SEARS 954-0371 SEARS PLP 109-634 ROTARY 6845 SEARS 754-0371 SEARS 754-0371A SEARS 954-0371 SEARS 954-0371A STENS 265-116 YARDMAN 754-0371A YARDMAN 954-0371A


  • Replaces Oregon® # 75-028
  • A7540371A
  • 5/8 x 74
  • MTD OEM No. 754-0371A and 954-0371A
  • Belt fits deck pulley to lower engine pulley
  • Fits riders with 42" side discharge,"G" series deep deck 1989-1996

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