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Aerators & Dethatchers

Thatch buildup can inhibit water, air, and vital nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass. Here at Agri Supply® we carry various lawn dethatchers and lawn aerators to help you remove thatch and promote growth for a healthy lawn. We carry a tow behind dethatcher that is easy to assemble in sizes ranging from 36 in. to 48 in. wide. Designed with strong, spring steel tines, a tine dethatcher will provide you with the tool you need to complete your lawn thatching jobs. Our tow behind aerators with plug points reduce soil compaction, allowing nutrients to penetrate to your grass roots. From pull behind dethatchers to lawn aerators, Agri Supply® has the right equipment for your lawn care requirements.

Lawn Aerator Plug Type Tow Type
image Lawn Aerator (Plug Type) 48" Tow Type
$384.99 EA
Tow Dethatcher, 48 In.
image Tow Dethatcher, 48 In.
$184.99 EA
Wide Tine Dethatcher, 48 In.
image Wide Tine Dethatcher, 48 In.
$234.99 EA
100lb Tow Spiker Seeder Spreader
image Agri Fab 100 pound Tow Spiker Seeder Spreader
$274.99 EA
In stores only
Lawn De-Thatcher Width Tow Type
image 40" Tine Type Lawn De-Thatcher Tow Type Agri-Fab® Model 45-0294
$119.99 EA
Tow Behind Dethatcher, 36 In.
image Tow Behind Dethatcher, 36 In.
$119.66 EA
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