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Air Guns & Slingshots

Agri Supply® stocks air guns, bb guns and slingshots that make for great fun when used safely. From hand held air guns to mulit-pump air rifles and even slingshots, Agri Supply® even carries the bbs and slingshot ammo to go with your air gun or slingshot.

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image Slingshot
Item # 60509
$14.99 EA
In stores only
.177 Caliber Multi-Pump Pnuematic Rifle
image .177 Caliber Multi-Pump Pnuematic Rifle
Item # 60503
$75.99 EA
In stores only
.177 Caliber Flathead Pellets, 500 Count
image Daisy .177 Caliber Flathead Pellets, 500 Count
Item # 60508
$7.99 EA
In stores only
BB Tube, 350 Count
image Daisy 530 Precision Max BBs .177 Caliber Zinc 350 Count
Item # 60511
$2.99 EA
In stores only
Red Ryder BB Gun
image Red Ryder BB Gun
Item # 60504
$49.99 EA
In stores only
.177 Caliber Flathead Pellets, 250 Count
image Daisy .177 Caliber Flathead Pellets, 250 Count
Item # 60510
$4.99 EA
In stores only
Premium Steel Slingshot Ammo, 3/8", 75 Count
image Daisy Premium Steel Slingshot Ammo 75 Count
Item # 61773
$8.49 EA
In stores only
Slingshot Replacement Band
image Slingshot Replacement Band
Item # 74105
$5.99 EA
In stores only
Daisy® Model 25 BB Gun
image Daisy® Model 25 BB Gun
Item # 76895
$62.99 EA
In stores only

For BB guns with pump action, search the BB guns at Agri Supply. Our pellet guns include guns that shoot BBs and pellets, and some of our BB guns offer a shooting distance of more than 190 yards. We have target guns with spring action that also feature trigger blocks for safety. Along with pellet pistols, find slingshot replacement band kits that fit a variety of BB guns.

BB guns at Agri Supply make great target guns. Our pellet guns include BB repeater guns that are also single-shot pellet pistols.

BB guns at Agri Supply include repeater BB guns for fun or serious target shooting. Pellet guns include BB guns that are .177 caliber or 4.5 millimeter. Choose target guns with spring action, and these target guns measure more than 9 inches in length. Our pellet pistols include single-shot pellet pistols with a maximum velocity of 350 fps.

We have BB guns made of sturdy materials, and these include models with stained solid wood forearms and grips. Some of the pellet guns we have feature smooth-bore steel barrels. Along with target guns, find other items for your outdoor fun, such as our slingshot replacement band kits. After buying your pellet pistols, check out the more than 26,000 items we offer for farm, shop, home, and garden.