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marine and boat anchors, hardware, fasteners, anchors

When you need boat and marine anchors, you'll enjoy our selection and superior customer service at Agri Supply. We'll help you find that river anchor that performs in heavy river currents and grabs the uneven river bottom. We can explain the differences between mushroom and holding power anchor models. Be it a slip ring anchor or all other boating and marine supplies, we have something for everyone who loves the water.

The proper boat and marine anchors are important boating and marine supplies to own. For example, a river anchor, with three individual blades, has the grappling power that works best for rocky, muddy river bottoms.

Boat and marine anchors in a wide variety of sizes, weights and styles can be found at Agri Supply so you'll find the model you need. A river anchor excels at gripping the river bottom, where stumps, rocks, brush and mud are the norm. Shop for a mushroom and holding power anchor right here, because these mushroom anchors are easy to retrieve yet provide a strong hold. Our slip ring anchor features a lightweight design that can outperform heavier anchors.

In addition to boat and marine anchors, we offer anchor chains, anchor locks and all other boating and marine supplies. To go with your river anchor, you'll find ropes and dock lines, too. A mushroom and holding power anchor is merely one item we sell among our inventory of more than 26,000 products for farm, shop, home and garden. Whether you're searching for a slip ring anchor or a boat battery box, we have something for everyone.