Apple Peeler, Corer, and Slicer, Suction Base


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A handy tool for any homemade pie lover, this hand crank, suction based apple peeler can remove the core while providing a spiral slice into your fruits and vegetables. It even works with pears and potatoes for mashed potatoes from scratch.

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Peel your pears, potatoes, and apples for your next pie or dinner dish with this suction based apple peeler with a slicer and corer attachment. This enameled metal peeler works by creating a stable suction to any flat, clean surface and, by moving the spring loaded clamp, you can easily pull back the grooved shaft to ready the fruit or vegetable onto the 3 pronged fork.

Through a simple hand crank, this device peels the skin while it is forced through a corer, complete with a partial slicing that offers a spiral cut into your apples. If you would prefer to keep the skin on, the peeling blade is removable, as well as the corer for quickly skinned potatoes.

  • Apple peeler, slicer, and corer
  • Suction base
  • Easy to clean metal construction
  • 3-pronged fork
  • Spiral slicing
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Crank handle
  • Removable or adjustable blades
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5 Stars Best Kitchen Gadget This Year!


Riff Raff from NC wrote (October 05, 2013):

Oh wow! Our friend came back from Western Carolina last week and he brought us a shopping bag full of Honey Crisp Apples. Seeing calluses forming on my hands at the thought of peeling all these apples, I went to the local Agri Supply for a solution. After about ten minutes of looking at the four models available, I picked this one. I brought it home, put the handle on, and away it went. I peeled cored, and sliced 8 apples for a pie in about 5 minutes. The apples didn't even have time to brown! It is made in the PRC but it is still awesome. Note, it can just peel, just slice and core, or peel, slice, and core. Cleanup is easy, and if you have problems sticking it to your counter, stick it to a cookie sheet! Cleanup of scraps is even easier! Finally, I am a kitchen fanatic. I hate gadgets and want the top of the line kitchen tools, but this thing has given me a new perspective. Get this Apple Peeler, you will not be sorry!

4 Stars


Bill from NC wrote (April 09, 2013):

Makes pealing so easy, cores,peals in less than a min.