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Healthy Pounds AquaLily™ Water Cleaner Refills

Maintain water clarity in your backyard pond up to 1,000 gallons. The AquaLily™ dispenser releases beneficial bacteria into the water, reducing unwanted organic growth. Use 1 of these 3 AquaLily™ refill packs after 30 days, they are natural and safe for animals, plants and humans.
Product Overview

A simple solution to backyard pond maintenance. This AquaLily™ dispenser contains a pack with a proprietary mix of natural bacteria and enzymes that reduces the nutrients that causes the green growth. Fill the dispenser with one bacteria pack which will work for 30 days, then requires a new pack, this set contains 3 packs. It may take 4 to 6 weeks to achieve the best results with this natural pond cleaner, but there is no way to overtreat the water. Water may range in temperature from 45®� F to 110®� F. Do not to mix other chemicals in water when using the AquaLily™ as it may cause more damage to the water.

  • AquaLily™ Water Cleaner refills by Bioverse
  • Backyard ponds
  • Cleans up to 1,000 gallons
  • (3) 30-day bacteria treatment packs
  • Prevents green growth
  • Safe for people, pets, livestock, wildlife and plants
  • Not for use with other chemicals

Always follow local, state, and federal requirements for the treatment of water bodies.

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