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Little Giant® Bee Escape (Porter Style) 2-Pack

Great for clearing bees to get ready for honey harvesting.
Product Overview

Lightweight and durable this 2-pack of Little Giant® Bee Escape allows bees to leave and not allow them back into the hive box. This is a great way to eliminate stress to the bees and beekeepers.


  • Little Giant® brand
  • Product number: ESCAPE
  • Bee Escape, Porter Style
  • 2-per pack
  • One-way valve so bees can't return back in the hive
  • Lightweight
  • Durable plastic
  • Helps clear bees from the hive box
  • Minimal stress for bees and beekeepers

How to use:
Place the inner cover under the hive box you want to empty off bees. Place the bee escape in the center hole with the round hole up. Don't leave it in place for more than 24 hours or the bees will figure out how to move back up through it

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